Alexandra Bosbeer photographing

Alexandra Bosbeer, image by Jeri Peck 2014.

Alexandra Bosbeer has been photographing for most of her life. She specialises in portraiture and art images of people and of nature. Alexandra can work on commission to photograph your event. She is also available to teach workshops about photography, and for design work.

Alexandra is at home in many different parts of the world. She grew up in The Netherlands and lived in Belgium, Ireland, and the US before moving to the Cologne area in 2015. She has also photographed in a diverse range of cultures around the world – see her 2007 post-tsunami images here, for example. 

Alexandra’s friendly style makes a portrait session enjoyable – and productive. “I love getting to know new people,” she says, “everyone has an amazing story of some kind.” Alexandra’s belief that a good photograph shows us something of the person inside, means a portrait session can often be a relaxed conversation.

During fifteen years of ecological field research and teaching, Alexandra developed a library of images as visual examples of species and ecological principles. The combination of professional expertise in ecological assessment and visual imagination, make her images both clear and beautiful.

Have a look at her online gallery on The Bear Gallery and view some of the images from her past exhibitions here.

Contact Alexandra by e-mail or phone in Siegburg. Looking forward to hearing from you!