Current project: Hemispherical fisheye photos

Nature, city, life

The fisheye lens captures 180 degrees – a hemisphere – and squeezes it all into the rectangular negative or digital sensor. To do this, straight lines are distorted, and the curving is more pronounced the further it is from the centre of the picture.

You could say that, with a fisheye lens, half of the world is funnelled through the lens. You could say that about our lives, too, that half the world is funnelled into us, creating the experience which shapes us and shapes our lives.

Taking photos with a fisheye lens is an adventure. It can be hard to avoid including the photographer’s own toes, or hair, in the image. The distortion of the circular lens also means tiny shift of the camera can completely alter the composition.

Funnelling life through the lens – that is the essences of photography, isn’t it?