A portrait is more than an image of a face: it is a representation of who the person is. Who are you – or, who would you like to be?


Alexandra offers special portraiture sessions for reasonable prices. Photos can be made in a place special to you, outside or inside. [Click here for more about the current project ‘The heart of living’]

Alexandra specialises in recording ‘what is in your heart’, using a mirror and an object of your own choosing, to show something about the less obvious elements to who you are.

A session of up to an hour starts at 75euro for one or two people. The price includes digital jpgs of your favourite images, along with one print of up to 30x40cm. Shorter and longer portraiture sessions are also available.

Do you have an important birthday or other event coming up? Get in touch to discuss group prices.

For people who have recently arrived in Germany, especially those seeking asylum from human rights violations, special reduced prices are available so you can have a portrait in your new homeland. Please do get in touch!

Portraits represent character