Photo workshops with Alexandra include practical exercises to try out concepts. (Photo courtesy of Silke.)

Alexandra offers one-day workshops in photography for all sorts of participants. A workshop can be offered in English or German, and half-day and two-day workshops are also available.

One popular workshop format is her ‘Tips and tricks for beginners’. Everyone has a camera these days – even on mobile phones – and many people enjoy using them. This workshop helps you remember a few tips to make your photos more interesting.

Tips photography by Alexandra Bosbeer

Workshops can be offered for groups up to 12 people.

Workshop formats include presentation, excursions, and discussion of participants’ work. One-to-one ‘tutoring’ is also available for thos who prefer individual feedback.

Alexandra’s style is accessible, personal, and enthusiastic. A photo workshop is a perfect idea for a company fun day, or personal or professional development. Prices of workshops depend on the site of the group: for small groups, a half day workshop can be as little as €275. Please get in touch to discuss your needs,  scheduling and prices.