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Unusual photos of ordinary life – that is what you find with photography from Alexandra Bosbeer. She creates beautiful photographs of people, nature, and happenings. 

Alexandra offers services in portraiture, photos of your events, artwork for your walls, graphic design, and in bespoke photography workshops.

Gentle portraiture: a true portrait is one in which we glimpse the character and thoughts that animate our faces. Our dreams and disappointments, experiences and opportunities.

Alexandra unusual nature imagesAlexandra’s environmental photography is a gentle exploration of our natural world. Art images for your home and office are available. A qualified ecologist, she also can provide to clear visual examples of plants, ecosystems, and soils from Europe and other parts of the world.

Her current project is ‘Wohnen im Herz’, an exploration of what we treasure about residing somewhere. Living: having a roof over one’s head, and warm water in the shower. A special lamp. A special co-habitant. What do you treasure about living somewhere? Consider sitting for your own portrait!